You will love the new you, and the new space!

Being Organized is so much more than having a great space for all your stuff.


At Saving Spaces, our goal is to help you become the person you want to be and more.  It can be difficult to explain the transformation that comes when one is organized.  Here at Saving Spaces we know that when you save a space you also save time and money.  How you might ask?  Well, finding things when you need them is such a time saver, not to mention skipping all the stress of a missing item.  You will be surprised with how your shopping changes.  Knowing what you have, where it is, and what you don't need makes a huge difference.  And                                         that's just the tip of how you will benefit from being professionally organized.  This                                         doesn't mean you have to fit into a cookie cutter mould.  We want your space to                                             work for you!  We help you do more of what works for you and less of what doesn't. 

QC Design School - Professional Organizing 

(January 2015)


Saving Spaces Professional Organizer Ryanna Hansen Graduated in just under a month with top marks.

Education & Training

Saving Spaces


Founded: 20015

Owner: Ryanna Hansen

Certifications: PO Certified


Areas of expertise:  Home and Business Organizing, Storage Solutions, Declutter, Home Staging, Moving

Company Profile

Friends and Family


Over the many years Ryanna Hansen has been successfully saving spaces.  Her biggest project has been keeping her own home and family of 6 organized and running smooth.  She has learned a few tricks along the way.  She has been sharing her tricks and tips with family and friends wherever and whenever there is a need and LOVING IT!

QC Design School - Interior Decorator

(February 2015 - Current)


Upon completion of the Professional Organizing course Ryanna Hansen commenced furthering her education in the Interior Decorator course.

Saving Spaces

     Saving spaces, time, & Money